Captain Caleb

The Summary

Captain Caleb’s enthusiasm for everything fishing is unmistakable.  Making sure his customers have a fun and enjoyable experience on Lake Michigan is not just a business, it what makes Caleb thrive.

The Background Info

Captain Caleb is the owner and operator of Migrator Fishing Charters.  Caleb’s passion for fishing began soon after his birth.  Growing up in Wisconsin on Lake Winnebago, Caleb learned to fish Walleye, and later migrated to Lake Michigan where his love of fishing trout and salmon spawned an even deeper appreciation of the sport.

At age 15, he began working at local marinas and learned to fix just about anything on a boat. At 17, he began working on charters, and at 19 he earned his Captain’s license.  He now owns his own charter company where he can pass on his love of fishing to everyone who steps aboard!


“Caleb has always had three loves, fishing, other people who fish, and all the equipment that goes along with it.”  Art Weiner, Dad of Captain Caleb