The Fishing

Lake Michigan, The Greatest Lake to Fish

Lake Michigan is from a group of 5 lakes that comprise the Great Lakes, which were discovered 300 years ago by French traders. Lake Michigan is the only one of the lakes which is entirely in the U.S. It is the third largest of the 5 lakes. It covers an area of 22,400 square miles. The size of Lake Michigan is equal to the combined areas of Maryland, Massachusetts, and Delaware!

It is 335 ft. above Lake Ontario, and 581 ft. above sea level. The deepest point in Lake Michigan is 923 ft. The lake is approximately 300 miles long and averages 75 miles across. Lake Michigan is the largest body of fresh water in the United States. It also boasts excellent salmon and trout fishing!

Fishing by Season

Spring – April, May and Jun

With the arrival of spring and warmer weather, Coho-Mania gets into high gear! You can expect fast action with limit catches of Coho Salmon, Rainbow Trout, and Lake Trout. If you book your charter this time of year, you will experience some of the best fishing, number-wise, with a good chance of a Trophy Steelhead or Coho Salmon.

Summer – July and August

By July, the summer fishing pattern, along with beautiful weather has arrived on Lake Michigan. Excellent catches of a variety of species will be experienced. Coolers start overflowing with Coho Salmon,- Silvers, King Salmon – Chinooks, Rainbow Trout – steelhead, Lake Trout – Lakers, and brown Trout. Lots of bigger fish are taken during the summer pattern.

Fall – September and October

Fall is my favorite time of year to fish Lake Michigan. As the summer heat fades and the autumn colors begin to show, the mature kings return to wreak havoc on our fishing tackle. Many a broken rod or burned out drag happens this time of year. Trophy Kings up to 35 pounds are prowling the shoreline. Trophy Lake Trout fishing also starts now as the huge lakers arrive on the spawning reefs!

Winter – It is time to Ice Fish!